Updating urpmi database

20-Oct-2017 08:35

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For example you may post here all your questions about getting Mageia isos and installing it, configuring your printer, using your word processor etc.

This could happen when the application accessing the database terminated abnormally. Obviously, for error "urpmi database locked", you need to remove file in /var/lib/urpmi/.

To overcome this problem, you have to remove the lock files manually. LOCK and afterthat if you receive error "rpm database locked", you need to remove the other one.

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I found a post that advised that clam .9x's config file was somehow incompatible w/less then klamav .41. it would be nice if people updating the repos would check simple things like keeping clam & klamav in sync....

For that you'll have to read the mpd community wiki. Things work differently depending on whether you use debian-derived or redhat-derived linux.

For Red Hat-like distros, I've given some info on installing it on Mageia 3 below as well as manual steps for Ubuntu.

I'm sure for those using package manager for rpm-based distro had encountered "rpm database locked".

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For Mandriva users, they will encounter similar error such as "urpmi database locked".

Thanks to Aubrey Kloppers for creating a Raspberry Pi installer.

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