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The number is listed on the contact page of each of Cohen's four front companies.$ = j Query; function get Site Section() function set Active Section() var capture Scroll = false; var $ = j Query; $(document).ready(function() ); /** * close Signup Light Box * * @access public * * @return mixed Value. Tonight, all over Britain, posses of young farmers and their supporters will descend on unsuspecting supermarkets, scoop the entire milk supply into trolleys, take it all to the tills and then leave — forcing the supermarket to re-refrigerate it all within minutes or fall foul of food regulations and have to junk the lot.In some cases, the protesters may pay for their haul and then hand it out to passers-by for free, or tip it down the drain.For they are the creators of the ‘Milk Trolley Challenge’, a national protest movement which has made headlines around the world, infuriated shop managers and made them the toast of rural Britain.And despite the image of an industry dominated by lugubrious old men, they are a young and upbeat crowd.

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reports more “guerrilla tactics” for gun control are coming.

Certainly more traditional and professional soldiers can be used, as evidenced by the special force units in the United States (SEALS, Rangers, Force Recon, etc.), but often times guerrilla warfare carries the stigma of unconventional war waged by atypical, less-professional soldiers.

The first use or description of guerrilla warfare came from Sun Tzu's The Art Of War.

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Breitbart News reported that Democrats launched the sit-in Wednesday to force Republican House Leadership to allow a vote on gun control.

And “rank-and-file Democrats, energized by nationwide publicity and praise they received for occupying the House floor over demands for a gun vote, are saying they’ll likely use the same strategy again.” Speaking on the House floor, Democrat Caucus Vice Chairman Joe Crowley (D-NY-14) lauded his colleagues’ determination to use sit-ins and yet unknown “guerrilla tactics” to secure gun control.

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