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14-Jan-2018 15:34

Though Beyoncé may have set a high bar for pregnant performers with her now-legendary Grammys spectacle, that didn’t stop Muslim poet and musician Mona Haydar from adding her own unique voice to the prenatal rap game.

Haydar’s song ‘Hijabi,’ as well as the accompanying music video, was released last week on Vimeo and You Tube.

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“Lemon Juice” appears on Murs’ new album Scott Glaysher gave the LP high marks in his review.

“At no point on this 45-minute rap fest does Murs ever come across as unsure, unauthentic or unaware of who is he is as a rapper or man,” Glaysher wrote.

Speaking to Los Angeles’ hosts during their “Real After Party” segment earlier this week, The Game addresses the resurfaced Karrueche Tran dating rumors in addition to dishing on the status of his friendship with Chris Brown given the similarity between his “All Eyez” shout-out to Karrueche and that of Chris Brown’s name-drop of his ex in his “Back To Sleep (Remix).” When asked if Chris Brown has confronted him about the track, The Game explains, “Chris is a cool guy.

I just remember hearing him do that on the song and I thought it was dope.

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Despite this type of agitation, Haydar and her crew choose to remain unfazed, and respond to their haters with, ‘You need to get yo life.’The song then moves into its celebratory chorus, which praises ‘women every shading’ being liberated.

Haydar chants that, even if ‘you hate it,’ she is still going to ‘wrap my hijab.’ ‘Keep swagging my hijabis,’ Haydar encourages.