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20-Jul-2017 16:00

Displays the drive, then the bios, after hitting install the dialog goes away and back to the main bios screen but the mouse is frozen and the time/temps/etc do not change. There was mention of a utility to do this within windows.I have not tried this because in my experience its typically ill advised to flash bios from within the OS.Hello All, MSI Z87-G45 i7-4770k Corsair H80i cooler 16GB Kingston Hyper X Beast 2133mhz SSD etc.

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Users are reporting that their computer boots normally into Windows 10, with everything working perfectly for about 20 seconds.

I don't prefer to install bios updates from Windows but in the end I don't care how it gets updated as long as it does.

Originally Posted by Ardila Hello, has anyone found any real fix ? I even contacted MSI and they do not have any solution because they were not able to reproduce the problem.

You should be getting 35A to 45A approximately on the 12V rail so that you will be able to even upgrade a little higher if you eventually want to down the road. I have unplugged all USB devices, replaced the USB keyboard by a PS/2 one. With all these 'options' the BIOS setup still hangs.

Flashed to latest BIOS version (version 2002), cord unplugged, CMOS reset without removing the battery. I did some research and my 350W PSU /w 23 amps on the 12v rail should be sufficient. With it 430Watts, 32A on 12v and an 80 PLUS Bronze certificate it should do the job easily.I have also removed the battery for a couple of minutes and reset the CMOS (using the motherboard's jumper). It should have a single high amperage 12Volt rail, Active PFC, 80% or greater certified efficiency, and be made by a quality name brand. Without a load many a dying battery (of any type) can read fine, put it on load and the voltage falls right off.

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